GreenleteJuly 23, 2020

An application built on the NERDs stack for athletes to map litter and track how much trash they…

Grab'n'GrocerJuly 02, 2020

An app for users to create shared grocery lists and update them in real-time while they're shopping.

ChatterApril 01, 2020

A chatroom app built with create-react-app and firebase.

Practice ProblemsJanuary 01, 2020

A repl collection of practice problems, algorithms, and data structures, mostly in Javascript.

Wiki CloneJuly 15, 2019

A wikipedia clone, this app allows users to create topics with select categories, and make comments…

Reddit CloneJune 26, 2019

A reddit-clone built for users to share and up-vote stories.

JammerFebruary 18, 2019

An in-browser app for users to listen to music, similar to a spotify library.